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Walking the streets of Copenhagen, the sense of design tradition and flawless balance between old and new hits you right away. The feeling of a fairy tale hiding around the corner combined with the simple, clean lines of modernity is exhilarating and an important source of inspiration for all of us at Part Two.

Our home resides in the heart of Copenhagen, Holmen, in the old charming gunboat sheds built in the first half of the 19th century. It’s a vibrant area for creatives, art & design schools and the perfect inspirational setting for us to create and design our collections.   

We would like to share some of our favourite places in the area with you – if you stop by. And just a piece of good advice – visit our area by bike because this is the best experience:


Enjoy the tranquility and the Copenhagen harbour – jump into the water or savour a chilled glass of white wine in the afternoon.



This informal bakery makes some of the most amazing cakes, and has a cosy, intimate atmosphere that invites you to linger for an hour or two. You simply must try the cakes or a simple lunch here.



A walk along Christianshavns Kanal – and perhaps a coffee break at Parterre. We love the atmosphere in this area. Slow living with houseboats and people walking or sailing by, just enjoying life on the canal.
Go Boat – if you want to explore the harbour by yourself, rent a Go Boat. Bring your own picnic, and you will have an amazing tour where you’re the captain.



Dress up for an evening at the theater. This modern architectural beauty is a must visit – simply amazing. A beautiful donation from the AP Møller Foundation to the Danish state which has today become a Copenhagen landmark.



Freetown Christiania looks nothing like the other neighborhood around Copenhagen – meaning you should definitely visit to see a different side of our capital. It’s been an autonomous district since the 70s – when a group of hippies took over the area. Take a walk among the trees and see locals’ colourful houses by the waterfront or relax on one of the wooden platforms and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

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