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Five useful tips on what to put in your suitcase this summer. 



Tip 1: Be sure to pack clothes that can be mixed and matched – that way you make sure that you can make several different outfits out of relatively few styles.


Tip 2: If you’re going on a beach holiday, be sure to choose fabulous, loose-fitting styles that can easily be washed in the washbasin for you to wear them more than just once.


Tip 3: Don’t forget accessories – whether you’re on a beach holiday or on a city break, you’ll always need a great scarf to spice up your look or wrap around your hair.


Tip 4: Sunglasses are, of course, mandatory!


Tip 5: The same goes for the sun hat. It makes sure you won’t get sun burned and adds personality to your outfit.


And remember to avoid last-minute packing as you’ll probably end up taking too much with you.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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