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- our new campaign model

Find out what she thinks of the life as a model & get to know her wardrobe darlings.

Meet Marion Pascale

Interview - Marion Pascale


You have a bachelor degree in graphic design. When and why did you decide to start modelling?

 “I finished my studies last year in March, and I‘m really happy that I managed to combine my studies with modeling until I finished. In the beginning of my studies I worked as a waitress in an Italian restaurant, because I didn’t want my parents to pay for everything while I was studying. At the university I met my boyfriend, Leo, he studied photography. And took me to a party of a model agency and that’s where everything started about two years ago.”


What is the best & hardest part of being a model?

“The hardest part is all the traveling. In a week full of jobs, I spend more time in airports and on planes than anywhere else. Sometimes when I arrive at a new amazing location, I feel sad about not being able to share all the impressions with the people I love. But when that happens, I remind myself how privileged I am and I try to enjoy the places, the food and the hotels on my own. I love taking a lot of pictures to share all the things happening in my life with friends, family or even Instagram. For me to have the feeling that they are always a little with me. There is not really a best part of being a model, but as much as I sometimes hate to travel for work – I really love it too. I ‘ve seen so many amazing places, I met a lot of different people from all over the world and so many inspired me in a lot of different ways.” 


What are your wardrobe darlings that you will never get rid of? 

“I wear my black Doc Martens now for the 4th year. I prefer a rougher style instead of looking too girly. Maybe because I was blonde for a long time in the past and I had to keep things balanced and in during summer I love my Clubmaster Ray ban Sunglasses.”  

Find inspiration from the amazing outfits we shot with Marion Pascale on our first photo shoot with her.