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We advise you to follow the steps below when you wash your Part Two viscose garment – this will keep it looking beautiful for a long time, and hopefully, you will keep it for seasons to come.

Viscose care


- Viscose is very fragile, especially when wet. Therefore, we recommend a delicate machine wash program. - Choose a 20-30°C delicate wash program and fill the machine with other garments so that the machine doesn’t damage it. And also, you will save water by filling your machine.

- The way viscose reacts to water can change the feel and shape of the fabric, but don’t worry! Once dry and ironed, your viscose garment will recover its original feel and shape. - If you prefer hand washing, please do not soak, wring or twist the garment. Use cold to lukewarm water (max. 20-30°C).

Viscose care


- Drying on a hanger is the most appropriate drying method for a viscose garment. -We recommend that you iron your viscose garment gently into shape. On rare occasions and due to texture, viscose needs to be ironed whilst damp. … and do always check your care label for specific advice.