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We recommend that you follow the steps below when you wash your Part Two linen garment – this will make it look beautiful for a long time, and hopefully, you will keep it for seasons to come.

Blazer care


- Linen is a sensitive fabric, and therefore, we recommend a delicate machine wash program. 
- Choose a 20°-30°C delicate wash program and fill the machine with other garments so that the machine doesn’t damage it. And also you will save water by filling your machine.

- The way linen reacts to water can change the feel and shape, but don’t worry! Once dry and lightly ironed, your linen garment will recover its original feel and shape.
- NEVER use enzyme detergent when washing linen – this will ruin the characteristics of the fabric.

Linen care


Drying on a hanger is the most appropriate method for a linen garment.



We recommend that you iron your linen garment lightly into shape – but note that the texture of linen will always look a little wrinkled.