Whenever we design a style we focus on every detail to deliver the best possible product and at the same time, we want to focus on improving and taking steps in the right direction in matters regarding the environment, animals and people as developments in the world concern us, and we want to do better.  

We work with our suppliers to continuously improve the conditions in our production chain, and all our suppliers are therefore required to sign our Code of Conduct, Chemical Restriction and Ethical Sourcing requirements. Our audit and chemical testing program helps ensure that we meet our own and international standards to ensure that our clothing is produced by our suppliers under decent conditions for employees and for the environment. We have also banned all use of real fur and angora wool, and our animal welfare policy generally prohibits unethical treatment of animals.

We design and produce high-quality clothing that we are proud of and that we hope our customers will be able to wear for many years to come. Our timeless design, craftsmanship and quality must ensure that our clothes last. One of the best ways to care for the environment is not to over-consume, but to look after and keep our clothes for a long time. So, it is Part Two’s ambition to create clothes in a design and a quality that lasts.

Picture for the CSR page

This is what we are working at right now:

To increase our use of organic cotton.

• To buy BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative). Read more about BCI here. BCI is a global organisation that works for more sustainable cotton production in the world. Among other things, cotton farmers are trained to use a minimum of pesticides and less water.

We will reduce our use of standard viscose and use EcoVero viscose instead, which is produced in a closed system, so chemicals and water are recycled.

• We will increase our use of recycled polyester in place of conventional polyester. Recycled polyester either comes from used water bottles or from offcuts in production.

• We will continue to ensure that all our clothing labelling is on recycled paper and that we continue to produce all our catalogues and brochures on FSC certified paper. FSC ensures that the wood comes from managed plantations, where new trees are planted to replace those felled.

Part Two is owned by DK Company, and you can read more about DK Company’s CSR work here.