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Simone Lykke

Meet the Danish actor Simone Lykke, one of our three new brand ambassadors. She has selected her personal favourites from this fall’s beautiful Part Two collection.

Interview - Simone Lykke


You’re a journalism graduate from Roskilde University. How did you end up becoming an actor?

 “Actually, I was already an actor before I began my studies. I had just finished my first major role in the movie ‘Where Have All the Good Men Gone’, but I’ve always hungered to learn and understand more. So the university was the perfect place for me alongside my acting. It wasn’t until the end of the first year of the master’s degree that I had to give in and acknowledge that my acting career was gaining momentum and I had to dedicate myself to it 100%. And fortunately, it’s been like that ever since, so the master’s degree will have to wait a bit longer.”


What’s the hardest part of being an actor?

“There are many things that are both difficult and hard being an actor, but I guess that’s the fact for most all kind of jobs. But the instability and uncertainty are things you need to get used to or learn to accommodate. For me, the ‘negative’ things are work-adjacent and not the work itself, so everything balances out if you’re lucky enough to work frequently. Not having a complete plan that you have to follow for your success can also be quite hard, but then again it forces you to take chances and challenge yourself, so thankfully there’s a positive angle to be found in most things.” 


What triggered your interest in acting? 

“When I was about 10 years old, Bille August spent a few weeks directing ‘Smilla’s Sense of Snow’ on location in my backyard. They transformed it all from summer to winter, which was absolutely magical and a huge experience for me. But even before that, I was using every change I had, to perform for the kids in my backyard. So, I’ve probably always had an inner performer and I loved to make people laugh.”  


What will you never get rid of in your wardrobe?

“I’m actually one of those people who doesn’t have a problem getting rid of things in general. I don’t feel very attached to things or clothes, so I’m constantly culling. It can be annoying every now and then when trends come back into fashion, but I can handle it, haha…” 


What/who are you inspired by?  

“I get inspired by many different things. When brands that takes a stand when it comes to caring for our planet for example the company Mater, that makes incredibly amazing furniture from recycled material as fishing nets. I have a tremendous respect for that. They don’t compromise on the aesthetics of the design. I’m also very inspired by the people I have around me. I often snap up their ideas and having friends with style means access to a bigger wardrobe, of course, haha…”  


What does great style mean to you? 

“Style is personal. Clothes say so much about the person wearing them. And having style is when you wear exactly what you want and what feels right without pandering to trends, etc. You express self-confidence when you wear clothes that feels right on you, and in my eyes that’s style.”


What will we never see you in?

“A bucket hat. I simply don’t get them, but I can see that I’m rather alone in my opinion haha…. All due respect to bucket hat wearers, but you’ll never see one on my head. But you might never know. ;)” 


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